Grievance Redressal

NCPRI has been advocating a series of anti-corruption and grievance redress measures to effectively tackle corruption at all levels and redress grievances of people. The measures include the Grievance Redressal Bill, Lokpal Bill, Whistle blowers’ Protection Bill and Judicial Accountability Bill. These legislations are critical to effectively combat corruption, the abuse of power and ensure accountable governance.

The Grievance Redressal Bill seeks to ensure that citizens receive all their entitlements from the Government, and in the case of a failure of delivery and puts in place a mechanism by which a citizen can ensure the entitlement is received and activate action against any public official for not carrying out an obligation.

Below are few important resources:

NCPRI 2013 Note on grievance redress bill – August 5 -2013

Right of Citizens for Time Bound Delivery of Goods and Services and Redressal of their Grievances Bil, 2011

Standing Committee Report on Grievance Redressal Bill

Grievance Redress Bill amendments

27 Jan 2012 NCPRI FAQ Sheet for Grievance Redress Bill