The NCPRI organizational structure, at present, consists of members, a working committee and seven co-convenors.


The NCPRI has, as members, individuals who subscribe to the common objectives and values of the campaign. Membership forms are required to be posted to the NCPRI office in New Delhi along with a demand draft/cheque of the amount specified for a defined period of membership. The membership forms are available here. Membership fee would be Rs.100 (with an appeal to contribute Rs 500) for a period of 5 years and membership will expire at the end of the calendar year i.e. December 31.

Working Committee, State Campaign Committee, National Campaign Committee

The working committee consists of member representatives from states as well as others who contribute significantly towards transparency efforts. The working committee is also responsible for building state and national campaign committees over time. State campaign committees consist of both individuals and Indian organizations but all such organizations have to sign a transparency charter in order to become a member of the state campaign committee. Organizational membership for the state campaign committee will be Rs.1000 (with an appeal to contribute upto Rs.10,000) for a period of two years. The national campaign committee is to consist of Indian national campaigns and organizations and all previous working committee members. The working committee may also nominate some other individuals who contribute significantly to transparency and accountability


As decided at the Hyderabad Convention, there are seven co-conveners of the NCPRI:

Anjali Bhardwaj

Nikhil Dey

Rakesh Dubbudu

Dr. Sheikh Gulam

Venkatesh Nayak

Bhaskar, Prabhu

Joykumar Wahengbam

The Secretariat

The Secretariat of the NCPRI is based in Delhi and are responsible for day to day functioning. The co-ordinators of NCPRI at present are:

1. Rohit Kumar (

2. Manu Chaturvedi (


The latest accounts are available here.