About Us

Values and Objectives of the NCPRI

The NCPRI’s endeavour is to deepen democracy and achieve Constitutional principles through the use of the RTI. Transparency and enforcing accountability facilitates the participation of people in a democracy. This right seeks to empower people to fight corruption and social apathy, to make governments and other public agencies and institutions which impact public welfare, accountable to the people.

The NCPRI engages and interacts with the State to implement the law and to ensure that the Act is not amended or provisions weakened. The Campaign has to ensure that the law is effective and universally accessible, addressing both individual and social problems.

In disseminating the ability to use the RTI , the NCPRI is supportive of developing materials related to transparency and governance, the raising of awareness about the fundamental value of information, the conduct of research, and the setting up of information clearing houses. It also helps with the filing of information requests, fighting legal cases, and the holding of public hearings.

The right to know is symbiotically linked with other progressive campaigns and movements. It is a “transformatory” entitlement, enabling other campaigns to get access to information to realize their rights.